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Yes, I’m a proud hunt stop for the one we’ve been waiting for!… Ok, not ME (sounds painful!), my store. Yay!

The MAKE HER OVER HUNT will begin on September 25th and run through October 25th.

I promise not to make it so hard for you to find the gift 🙂

Head over HERE to check their blog for info on the hunt, new releases from great designers, sales and more.



The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness start

Hunt starts at Midday/Noon (12PM SLT) (8PM GMT) on September 1st. Hunt items cost 1L each.

Hunt Blog:

You are looking for this:

Some of the prizes:

Have fun!

The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness at § Mind Games §

Ooohh the first hunt at the store!

This is a PG, unisex hunt. I’m still not sure what I’ll be making as a gift… *scratches head and thinks*.


Hunt blog: The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness Blog

Hunt group: Join here!